I'm Peter Wartman, a cartoonist and illustrator living in Minneapolis, MN who is definitely not a robot. I'm interested in telling all-ages stories about growing up and dealing with the messiness of the world (and in drawing cool fantasy cities and lots of sci-fi machines).

I've been drawing comics since at least 2011, when I started publishing my first comic, Over the Wall, online. Since then, Over the Wall and its sequel, Stonebreaker, have been published by Uncivilized Books.

I've also done some work as a writer, most recently writing the NY Times Bestselling Dragon Prince: Through the Moon with artist Xanthe Bouma.

Currently, I'm working as the artist on the Avatar: The Last Airbender graphic novels with writer Faith Erin Hicks.

About My Comics

The stories I like to tell -- maybe obviously -- take place in fantastic worlds and involve strange creatures, but I always try to make the characters feel real. That was something I loved about Avatar (a show that never forgot to center on the struggles and emotions of its characters, even as they kicked giant rocks around) and that's something I've focused on in my own stories.