BlogSome Updates at the End of 2022

Hey everyone! I though it was time I added some updates here.

First: some good news. Avatar: Suki Alone, the latest book I've drawn with Faith Erin Hicks (writing) and Adele Matera (colors), won the Ringo Award for Best Kids Comic or Graphic Novel! That's pretty cool!

Alternative Social Media Sites

On a less positive topic, Twitter seems to be in the process of slowly imploding, so I thought it would be a good idea to have some other places you can find me. I'm planning on updating this website soon, both to fix some issues with the code (the initial load time can be pretty bad and I need to make it more accessible) and to add and RSS feed for this here blog. I might even look into setting up some sort of newsletter -- it's feeling more and more like depending on some external business to host all your stuff online is a bad idea.

Until then, you can follow me in these other places: